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Tarot's older and darker sister. She longs to create a world for witches, and has gone so far as to raise up an island from the sea where only witches may set foot. Despite her militant views, she still loves her sister and mother very much, and has every intention of allowing them to live in her witches' paradise. Her skin is permanently moonlight white, due to her allegiance with dark magic, and snake skeletal tattoo cover her body. For a short time, she had an apprentice named Willowry, who quit after stealing a necromancy scroll . She is easily annoyed by fairies, and distrusts humans, giving them little leeway. It has been hinted that if she were to actually declare war on the mortal world, that she could easily raise an army from amongst the supernatural beings, though after the debacle with the Dragon Witch, this assurance remains to be seen. She has extremely large breasts, and prefers to be nude.

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